Wine Appreciation

Duration: 3 days, 3 hours a day

Course Content: Provides knowledge of different styles and characteristics of wine, awareness of common grape varieties and tasting techniques and skills required for the service of still, sparkling and fortified wines.

Cost: RO495 Group Fee (max.10)



Duration: 2 days

Course Content: Provides an introduction to table manners, food & beverage awareness, recommendations as well as behavioural tips and techniques.

Cost: RO70


Junior Chefs

Duration:6 classes, 3 hour class a week

Course Content:Cooking and baking techniques. These courses cater for age groups 8-12 years and 13-19 years, showing them how to prepare a range of sweet and savoury items. Custom made Chef’s uniforms are provided.

Cost: 8-12yrs – RO85; 13-19 yrs – RO105


Adult Cookery

Duration:6 classes, 3 hour class a week.

Course Content: Provides the skills to plan, prepare and cook a meal for a dinner party with tips to aid in a stress-free entertaining experience. The dishes you will prepare include Smoked Salmon Tartare with Sesame Tuille, Carrot and Coriander Soup, Chicken stuffed with Brie and walnuts, and Chocolate Mousse Cake.

Cost: RO165



Duration: 4 classes, 3 hour class a week.

Course Content: TThe Gulf Chef School Pastry Course includes demonstration and practice sessions preparing and making a number of pastry items presented by our professional pastry chef. Pastry items include gateaux, sponges, puff pastry items, choux pastry profiteroles and many more.

Cost: RO110


Bread Making

Duration:2 days, 3 hours a day.

Course Content: Learn how to bake a variety of 6 different bread types: Gold Corn Bead, Sesame Peanut Bread, Baguettes, Foccaccia, Tomato Bread and Olive Bread. Presented by our chefs from the Gulf Chef School this course provides ingredients, preparation and baking methods.

Cost: RO70


Fish Preparation & Cooking

Duration: 1 day, 3 hours.

Course Content:Join our professional chefs at Gulf Chef School, here to impart their expert knowledge of local fish along with the most delicious ways to prepare and cook them. This short course will provide you with information on how to identify different local fish, filleting, skinning and scaling methods and preparation of complementary sauces

Cost: RO30


Cake Decoration

Duration:4 weeks (3 hour class per week).

Course Content:Join this fun, interactive leisure course and learn cake decorating or improve your current decorating skills. Presented to you by our chefs at the Gulf Chef School this enjoyable programme provides ingredients and preparation of products

Cost: RO165 per person


Cookies and Macaroons

Duration:1 day (3 hours).

Course Content: Kick start your morning by learning how to make your own cookies and macaroons in the comfort of your home. Presented to you by our chefs at the Gulf Chef School this enjoyable leisure course provides ingredients, preparation, baking methods and finished products for you to take away in just three hours.

Cost: RO35 per person


Arabic Etiquette & Omani Hospitality

Duration:4 hours.

Course Content: Whether you are a new resident of Oman or an existing one, stay abreast with knowledge of Arab etiquette, basic communication skills and traditional hospitality. The programme will be conducted in an Arabic style setting followed by a traditional Omani meal in the Classroom Restaurant.

Cost: RO250 (Group price for maximum 25 persons)


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