My name is Sharifa Al busaidi. I have studied in NHI in 2006 as a travel student. I was one of the luckiest to be selected out of thousands who applied and weren't qualified due to so many different reasons. The environment in NHI was warm and welcomed for all the students. The most important point we were taught was the team work which helped me throughout my career journey. Some people Were surprised to know about NHI's system which you get paid while you receive a free cost education with an international recognized certificates!!

I'm still proud even when I travel abroad, i keep talking about NHI and all the time i speak to someone they turn out being surprised about it. I really can't talk enough about NHI..

After I graduated from the IATA course, I started working for National Travel and Tourism in tours inbound department for 1.5 year as a tours consultant. Latter I requested for an internal transfer to Outbound holidays department and worked there for 5 years which I was promoted to Senior holidays consultant. Working in these 2 departments helped me in so many different ways. I could meet diffère people from different foreign nationalities while I was in inbound and made friends out of it. When I shifted to outbound, it was a different experience as I got chances to travel officially to so many different countries and visit so many touristic destinations. After spending almost 6 years in NTT, I got an offer with Oman United Agencies and started with the same position but with higher grade and better offer. Latter I was promoted as a holidays Supervisor and I'm now with them for 5 years. I honestly keep speaking to those youngsters who are jobeless to join NHI and so many of them have joined and thanked me for that. I'm so proud to be one of the successful students of NHI. God bless all the instructors who gave all their best to train us. My special thanks and always feel indebted to all my instructors ( Ms. Ayesha Godinho, Ms. Cheryl Dsilva and Mr. Cleon Das) not forgetting my part time instructor Mr. Carlton Seymour.

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